"Dream team" working to  fulfill as "wishes" as possible,

Please give me 5-7 days to get your data together and send you your "trooper" information

as  I am either picking up items.delivering supplies or doing fund raisers. and will get  this out

ASAP as it is important to get our "troopers' their boxes to them

and please remember info. is delicate and not to be published ,please remember this is  information to you and your group

Thank you


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Welcome  to the information about sending to our
Receiving mail and packages is often the
highlight of a trooper's day, so when you "adopt" a soldier, sailor, airman or
marine, Coast Guardsman,it's important to mail the first package ASAP.
.If you have decided to send packages
during their complete deployment, remember that the last day to mail out
packages would be one month prior to the departure date. Otherwise it will come
back to you after a long period of time and remember the dates of return are
tentative and could change.and
I DO NOT get any updates,once the name is sent to
you. than you are the only contact.I will not have anything more than what i
send you.On your first mailing, please let them know that their name was given
to you by A Soldiers Wish List , so the trooper knows from where you received
their name (for security purposes). Please include a note to let them know where
this great gift is from. Remember that our troops are in "harms way" and may not
be able to answer, and
please dont do this program if you
are expecting an answer
,and e-mail is not always available or working,
but they do appreciate the boxes a great deal.  Please remember it's called a
"wish list", so you ar
e NOT obligated to fulfill all
the requests  . And if for some reason you find you are not able to do this,
please let me know, so I may re-assign your trooper to someone else.if you
decide to "adopt" more just let me know through my personal e-mail and I will as send
many as you like For assistance with mailing Refer to the "Send a Package" link
on our web site. If you have questions that are not addressed there, please
contact me at
soldiersmother2@charter.net .you can send them a package once, or
continue to support them during their total deployment. Many people have
enlisted the help of their co-workers or
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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