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1.12x12x5 1/2:$12.50 
2.11 X 8.5 X 5.5:$10.70



3.11 7/8 X 3 3/8 X 13 5/8:$10.70

What does it cost to ship a non-Flat Rate box?

 These are the prices of the flat rate boxes and their dimenations,and pictures . #1 is used most often.#3 is used to ship magazines.if you are mailing non-flat rate boxes. its about $2.00 a lb. and if the weight is less then 15lbs you pay more. over 65lbs you pay closer to the poundage.but your boxes cannot be over 70lbs. and to be on the safe. keep it under 68lbs.but remember the Post Office rates change like the weather. so you can go to www.usps.com to keep track of changes.


Declaration forms and the sleeves are available at Post Office and are required to be filled out when boxes go to foreign countries

all items can be picked up at your post office ,they are free

Packing Tips

Seal your box with plenty of strong packing tape.   These packages have a long journey ahead of them!   

Cover your address and your soldier's address with clear tape to protect them from the elements.

If you should ship food and scented toiletries together, make sure that all scented items, and any item that might leak, be wrapped in newspaper first and then placed inside a good Zip Lock bag as no one wants soap-flavored cookies! 

Make sure each box is packed snug to prevent items from moving around.

You can obtain free Priority Mail boxes three ways:      

1. Order online at www.usps.com

2.  Call Customer Service at (800)  527-1950  or  (800)  610-8734

3.  Pick up from your post office.

How often should I send a box?

This is up to you; however, if you signed up to send packages for the trooper's full deployment and you are no longer able to do so, please contact us so we can reassign your trooper.

When should I stop sending packages?

You will receive your trooper's approximate return date when you receive your assignment.   Send your last package or letter 30 days before their return date to insure that it is received. 


items not to send: no porno,alcohal,pork products(muslums have a "cow" over this!!)firearms,if not sure notify Julie at soldiersmother2@charter.net

Please refer to the: ASWL "wishlist guideline"